About Schillinger Insurance Agency: Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Bobtail Insurance, Business Insurance, and More in Sandusky, Port Sanilac, Port Austin, Pigeon, Harbor Beach, Bad Axe, MI, and the Surrounding Areas

A Message from our President

I began my career in the insurance industry in 1972, and I still marvel at the tremendous changes I’ve witnessed throughout the years. The advancement of technology has created an exponentially more efficient customer service experience. The internet has made the world a smaller place; transferring information takes milliseconds instead of days, and everyone has instant access to a virtually unlimited amount of information. Never before have consumers been so ‘swamped’ with options, and navigating the mind-numbing maze can be tricky.

Throughout my career, I’ve discovered that there is no substitute for real-world experience. Schillinger Insurance has weathered economic storms, witnessed the rise and fall of a host of competitors, and established itself as a dependable, integrity-driven independent insurance agency. And although technology allows us to expediently deliver everything necessary to provide the coverage you need, it’s the professional, personal approach to customer service that has made this agency a community leader since 1947. Thank you for visiting our website!


Lou Schillinger
President, Schillinger Insurance Agency

The Advantage of Experience

In 1947, Harry Truman was president, gas was 15¢ a gallon, and Chuck Yeager was the first person to break the sound barrier. It was also the year our agency began offering affordable insurance coverage to families and businesses throughout Pigeon, Port Austin, Bad Axe, Port Sanilac, Harbor Beach, and other Eastern Michigan communities.

Schillinger Insurance Agency has achieved longevity in a competitive industry by keeping our focus where it belongs: our customers. It’s no hype, no marketing magic: it’s simply the smartest way we’ve found to do business. By maintaining a solitary commitment to customer satisfaction, everything else falls into place. Our dedication to our customers results in greater customer retention, a higher customer satisfaction index, and an unusually high level of customer referrals. Whether we’re providing car insurance and house insurance for you and your family, providing commercial insurance for your business, or developing a strong life insurance plan, we stay true to a very simple philosophy: treating customers right is good for business.

Years of experience in listening to the needs of our clients, building a network of insurance carriers, and matching client needs with the right insurance product have enabled Schillinger Insurance Agency to develop protocols that have proven effective throughout our tenure. We know our products, we know our clientele, and we know our community. Experience takes the guesswork out of risk management. Schillinger Insurance Agency brings over 100 years of combined experience to work for you.

The Advantage of Independence

As an Independent Insurance Agency, Schillinger Insurance Agency can concentrate on customer needs rather than insurance company quotas. There are many quality insurance carriers out there, and Schillinger Insurance Agency works with many of them. However…no single insurance company can meet every customer need or budget. As rates increase, if you’re ‘stuck’ with a captive insurance agency, the only option you have to reduce your costs is to find another agent. Rather than starting over, Schillinger Insurance Agency does the shopping for you. We compare coverage and costs throughout our network, finding the best option for you. And when your needs change, we’re able to match a policy that addresses your new risks. That’s the advantage of independence. That’s Schillinger Insurance Agency.

Schillinger Insurance Agency offers solid, affordable options for:

  • Auto & Marine Insurance
  • Homeowner’s & Farm Owners Insurance
  • Personal Life & Health Insurance
  • Commercial & Small Business Insurance
  • Group Benefits
  • Trucking Insurance (including Bobtail)