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Life & Health Insurance from Schillinger Insurance Agency

Life Insurance

“If only I knew then what I know now”. It’s often said that hindsight is 20/20. Tomorrow doesn’t come with a road map and no one can really see into the future.  Unfortunately, not every surprise life throws our way is welcome…and some of them change us in ways we would have never imagined.

When someone dies, the impact is powerful and immediate. When that someone is the family income earner, the initial grief is compounded with financial worries. These concerns weigh so heavily at a time when we’re most vulnerable. Schillinger Insurance Agency can help make sure your family has time to grieve your loss without adding the weight of financial concerns.

Ensure Their Future

Making financial arrangements for the future is the last thing your survivors will be thinking about when you pass away. That changes sooner than we think. The bills don’t stop coming, even though the income isn’t there anymore. Making plans for the future today can ensure that the loss of income doesn’t become a lifelong financial hardship for your family. That’s why life insurance could be the greatest gift you may ever give to your family.

Schillinger Insurance Agency can issue a life insurance plan that meets those immediate needs (funeral costs, burial expenses, etc.) while also providing an ongoing source of income that allows your family to meet future financial obligations, such as:

  • Mortgage Payments
  • Car Payments
  • Installment loans / Credit Card payments
  • Auto, home, life, and health insurance
  • Education
  • Medical needs
  • Everyday living expenses

Your Schillinger Insurance Agency insurance professional can provide a wide variety of life insurance options to help your family avoid the financial pitfalls that come with not having adequate insurance in place. These include:

  • Permanent Life
  • Universal Life
  • Whole Life
  • Term Life
  • Return of Premium Term Life (with this product all the premiums are returned to you at the end of the policy term)
  • Fixed Annuities
  • and more

Individual Health Insurance

The introduction of the Affordable Care Act changed the way we think about health insurance, and it transformed the industry. The confusing maze of health insurance options can be difficult to navigate. That’s why so many trust the professionals at Schillinger Insurance Agency. If you’re not covered by a group health insurance plan, we can help you review your available options, suggest ways to trim costs and get you the coverage you need at premiums you can live with.

Group Benefits are an important tool in recruiting and keeping the right employees. Schillinger Insurance Agency offers solid group benefits packages designed for a variety of companies. Click Here

Our team can familiarize you with Medicare supplement insurance; the coverage that covers what Medicare doesn’t. Medicare supplements allow you to avoid paying deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses. Designed by Medicare, these policies are all the same, regardless of the carrier offering them. Your Schillinger Insurance Agency agent can walk you through the process of choosing what’s right for you.

Other health insurance product options include:

  • Major Medical
  • Disability Income Protection
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • and more.