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Group Benefits from Schillinger Insurance Agency

Schillinger Insurance Agency has watched the insurance industry evolve. Since 1947, technological advancements, government bureaucracy, and social needs have resulted in tremendous changes to meet these changing needs.

One of the many changes is the expectations of today’s employees. It wasn’t very long ago that health insurance was considered a major perk instead of an expected part of employee compensation.

As the business and health insurance landscape has changed, the expectations of employees have changed, too. Schillinger Insurance Agency has developed relationships with major insurance providers so we can meet the needs of both employers and employees. Employers need a benefits package that is both attractive to potential employees and affordable to the employer. Employees need a comprehensive package that offers solid coverage. Schillinger Insurance Agency has years of experience providing packages designed with employees and employers in mind.

A solid group benefits package can include a wide variety of insurance types, including:

  • Group Health Insurance

Health insurance has always been the foundation of a strong employee benefits package. Schillinger Insurance Agency can help ensure you comply with federal laws while providing health insurance that provides solid coverage for your employees and their family members…at a cost you’ll both appreciate.

  • Group Life Insurance

Life insurance has become a staple in the majority of benefits packages. The relatively low cost can be paid in full or in part by employers, based on coverage and budget concerns. There are multiple options available, including guaranteed coverage with no health questions asked, as well as a waiver of premium options for qualifying disability claims.

  • Group Disability Insurance

This is one of the most valuable coverage types that protects your employee’s most valuable asset: the ability to earn income. It is available in either short-term or long-term forms Short-term disability pays a percentage of an employee’s income for a predetermined period (usually 3-6 months), while long-term coverage picks up where short-term coverage ends, paying for 2 to 5 years OR until age 65.

Other benefits can include dental care, eye care, pre-tax benefits such as Cafeteria / Section 125 plans, 401K retirement plans, and much more. There are many different ways to structure an employee benefits package and even more insurance types from which to choose. Our professionals will help you determine the best products to offer based on your budget and your employee’s needs. Talk to your Schillinger Insurance Agency representative about affordable, effective employee benefits packages.